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Fuel-Efficient Driving Tips
Maintaining a Vehicle

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Cost Efficient Driving Tips From Lofi Motors.


A vehicle is the most fuel-efficient when it’s well-maintained. Regular changes in oil and mechanical check-ups are a must in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly. While it may seem like quite a budget to spend on maintenance throughout the year, in the long run, it will save you both time and money from spending extra on gas or serious car problems. Lofi Motors is here to guide you to living a more economical driving experience with your used car.

Here a few quick and easy tips that Lofi Motors recommends to reduce your fuel consumption: 

1. Use your car only when necessary

One of the primary ways you can reduce fuel use is to use the car only when necessary. Instead of using your car on short journeys, consider walking or cycling. Consider car-pooling for daily journeys such as your commute.  

2. Accelerate gently when driving 

The faster you accelerate, the more fuel you consume. By easing onto the pedal gently, you can save on gas. Harsh acceleration is not only bad for fuel consumption but also increases the wear and tear on the engine.

3. Maintain a steady speed when driving

As well as being illegal and dangerous, driving above the speed limit wastes fuel and also increases pollution. By driving at an appropriate speed, you can better anticipate the traffic ahead, reducing the need to brake abruptly. Every time you brake and then accelerate again, the engine uses more fuel and therefore produces more CO2.

4. Switch off the engine in standstill traffic

When your engine is idling, it is consuming fuel. By switching your engine off when traffic is not moving, you can save a substantial amount of fuel over time. 

Many new vehicles now have a feature that does it for you automatically, known as ‘stop-start”. If your car has this option, it would be best to use it rather than switching your engine off. 

5. Make sure your tires are inflated

Using under-inflated tires creates more resistance when driving, which leads the engine to work harder and thus use more fuel. Check your tire pressure regularly and before a long trip. It will not only reduce fuel consumption but also help keep your tires in good condition. 

6. Remove additional weight if not needed 

You may not realize it but additional weight from roof boxes, roof racks, bike racks, etc. can significantly add to fuel consumption at speed since it increases drag and wind resistance.


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